This type of disorder occurs often but gets minimized by labeling it stress or an inability to cope with a situation. We plague ourselves with “shoulds”. “I should be able to handle this”. “This is a good thing – I should be happy that I’m moving to a new job in a new city”.  Any time we are experiencing a stressor or a change there is disruption.  There are actually 2 kinds of stress – distress and eustress. Eustress (stress that is interpreted as being beneficial for the experiencer) is not well known. There are no “shoulds” about how you cope with it. Divore, marriage, job change, breakup, legal system, pandemic, aging parents, troubled child, workplace problems, etc. are all reasons for stress and/or adjustment disorder. Give yourself a break and get some help coping with it. You can actually take advantage of a challenging situation and come through it in a better place than you began.