Parenting Children With

 Special Needs


  • Support is needed to get through the daily stress of coping with therapies, doctor’s appointments, phone calls, agencies, paperwork and the school system. If you are lucky you have a supportive partner or maybe a family member. But that just puts that relationship under stress so it becomes a mixed gift. I am the parent of a young man with autism. I know the physical, emotional and financial strain firsthand. There is something so comforting about talking to someone who “gets it”. 

  • Stress management strategies are developed to suit your specific situation with my unique awareness that you can’t just close your door and take a nap. That is what a therapist told one of my previous clients. We had a good laugh.

  • Possible interventions for you and your child are investigated. I have a broad awareness of various interventions and providers given that I have been in the Austin special needs community for over 20 years.

  • School relationship support. I worked in the school system as a state certified educational behavior specialist for 6 years which provides unique insight into that world. I can help you understand it, strategize for maximal support and even attend ARDs if you would like.