• In general people who struggle with a personality disorder have ways of behaving, engaging with and experiencing the world are rigid and pervasive. These patterns of thinking and behaving result in an inability to have healthy, normal relationships. There are 3 categories, called “clusters” by the DSM 5. I will describe their characteristics below. I will not elucidate specific diagnoses as I do not find it a helpful way to look at people.
    • Category 1 – These personalities struggle with odd or eccentric behavior. These people tend to experience major disruptions in relationships because their behavior may be perceived as peculiar, suspicious, or detached.
    • Category 2 –  These personalities demonstrate dramatic or erratic behavior. They tend to either experience very intense emotions or engage in extremely impulsive, theatrical, promiscuous, or law-breaking behaviors.
    • Category 3 – Individuals with this type of disorder are characterized by anxiety. These people tend to experience pervasive anxiety and/or fearfulness.