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Pat is available to provide inservice education about many challenging conditions including anxiety, depression and substance abuse. She will also speak to professionals, educators or groups who are part of the lives of children with special needs

Her personal story of raising a son with autism, working in special education and her professional experience merge into a dynamic talk that empowers families and professionals assisting those families.  She seeks to transform the often challenging emotions that can arise when caring for those with special needs so they can help the child have the most fulfilling, independent life they can.

Talk Overview

Pat will share how stress and the worry of not doing enough for your child are typical and how those feelings overwhelmed her and her family at times. She will address the often taboo subjects of loss, grief and anger that can come with parenting a child with special needs. Pat will suggest strategies parents can use to help manage difficult feelings so the parents are less stressed and can appreciate the sweet rather than the bitter.


Pat prefers that any fees be donated to nonPareil, a non-profit program dedicated to serving the spectrum population by teaching them gaming software development.



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