Coaching with Cindy


For many years I have walked with those wanting to gain greater freedom and feel like they have choices and make better choices. I listen deeply and help people move their lives in desired directions. There is something that has brought you here to gain some new clarity, to sharpen a tool, learn something new about yourself, experience a shift physically, spiritually, emotionally and/or creatively.

Maybe you want to experience a new way of expressing yourself…

Perhaps you are in a life transition and are looking for help, energy, guidance or inspiration…

Maybe you too are endlessly curious and open to growing in ways that help you bring more of you to your passion and work…

Perhaps you are wanting to explore the deep well of the creativity inside you…

Maybe it is just finally your time to shift your attention from an endless stream of unfulfilling “others” to you — the real, yet undiscovered You long buried beneath layers of external obligations…

It is time to live your life, express yourself, tell your story.

No matter the reason or desire, I am here to help.



In brief, we identify where you want your path to lead and what is blocking you from moving forward. Through a carefully crafted process I lead you to define and expand your vision and help you move beyond repetitive blocks and patterns to a life experience you desire. 

Together we will create a plan where you provide commitment and I provide the tools, encouragement and accountability to develop you, expand you and breathe new life into all that you are.  I will help you build an internal and external environment where you can experiment, explore and even play with new ways of being and acting. You will experience yourself differently. You will change your habits and beliefs and gain new experiences of how empowered you already are.



reach out to Cindy now by text at 928.533.2478



Coaching Program Offerings

I believe in the power of creative process, meditation, walking in nature and feeding the body with a focus on nutritional density.  I believe this brings us to a spaciousness and safety inside ourselves where we can focus the Source Energy within us and allow it to flow freely in all we do.  These are practices that build over time.

I believe that even though we are born of and filled with Life Force and Spirit, it is also our nature to forget, lose touch or come to feel depleted.  We must have daily practices that keep us balanced and fueled physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

I believe we are all interconnected energetically.

I believe we form a web of life.

I believe in the power of Love in action that comes from connecting in community and listening, demonstrating compassion, and sharing and growing our understanding of each other in the world we live in.

I believe in helping others find and magnify their gifts and Life Force within.

I believe that no matter how you want to label or characterize your life you are loved exactly as you are right now and that in this moment you are right on time.

Below are three flexible tracks for my most requested programs. Each of these will be tailored to your individual needs and desired outcomes.


  •  Vital Awakenings Life Coaching 

    30, 60 or 90 day programs

    • How to evaluate patterns, ask better questions and get better guidance

    • Learn what thoughts you project onto things and what differees

    • Practice creative play to create new connections and pathways to better relations

    • Explore breathing and meditation practices that keep you aligned with your goals



  • Health Coaching – 90 day program

    • Move from unconscious habits to conscious practices

    • Practice stress awareness and learn what stress reduction methods work for you

    • Learn the power of emotional care and feeding

    • Change your relationship to food through nutrient density

    • Play with movement for better and longer lasting results



  • Desert Cairns ~ Spirit Quest – 90 day program

    • Record and explore the mysteries of Spiritual grounding within you

    • Explore belief systems and get answers to questions you have

    • Enlarge and enrich your spiritual life

    • Enrich your experience of meditations, mindfulness and other practices of intentional connection


reach out to Cindy now by text at 928.533.2478