Meditation/Mindfulness/Calming Apps 


We should all be practicing some kind of meditation/mindfulness exercises everyday. It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming commitment. Do at least 3-5 minutes in the morning to start your day with focus and intention.  The practice is grounding and centering and keeps anxiety and stress at bay. Your focus and sense of well-being will improve.


My favorite source is Alexa or Google Home. You can just ask them for whatever you want. Like, “play me a 5 minute grounding meditation”. It’s extremely easy and free (other than buying them).


Here are a few meditation apps we have liked:




JKZ Series 2





Organization/To Do/Task Management Apps

Meister Task

Task & Project Management
An intuitive tool for project management and task management. It is ideal for your personal organization, but also for agile and efficient teams.

Task Agenda

Organize and remember your tasks.

Made to help people get organized, remember activities, and make better use of time.


To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders
Organize, plan and collaborate on projects, both big and small

To Do List

Task Management

SplenDo is smart task list for everyday use. Grouping tasks in handy task lists. 

Mood Tracker Apps

Mood Patterns

Mood Tracker, Mood Diary

 It is not just a mood tracker but links how you feel, to your location, company, and activity as well as to how you slept and to recent events in your life. Use it to explore the patterns in your mood.


Mood Tracker, Journal, Self-Improvement

 Fill out a quick survey every day and gain insight into the WHAT and HOW it influences you over time.


Mood Tracker for Depression & Anxiety

Leading monitoring and self-management app for depression, anxiety, eating disorders & stress. A simple mood tracker and a beautiful mood journal help you to stay on track with your thoughts & emotions.

Mood Time

Mood Tracker, improves mental health

This easy, mood-tracking app helps you to improve your mood by using SCIENCE!