• General anxiety is when you struggle with anxiety most of the day, most days. It may be limited to thoughts or it may have physical symptoms as well.
  • Social anxiety refers to when you suffer from extreme anxiety when in social situations or having to do public speaking for example.
  • Panic Disorder is characterized by a severe anxiety attack that is not attached to a particular event. It comes seemingly out of nowhere and is accompanied by strong physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, tingling sensations, pounding heart and often the feeling that you are going to die. It is not unusual for people to go to the ER. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is a frightening experience.
  • OCD has become part of the vernacular. It stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. It refers to a person whose anxiety takes the form of obsessions (thoughts that are repetitive, circular and you can’t stop) and/or compulsions (behaviors that you engage in repetitively that you feel you must do to manage your anxiety). It can range from mild to debilitating.