Austin Therapy Solutions opened in 2017 to provide quality helping services to people seeking to remove barriers from their path forward, learn new, more effective coping skills and find their best version of themselves. Our services include individual psychotherapy, life coaching and events to share valuable concepts and tools. (LINK OUR PROVIDERS & EVENTS PAGE)


Pat Sumption, LCSW and owner,(LINK ABOUT PAT) created a niche for parents of children with special needs, an under-served and often invisible population  As a psychotherapist and the proud parent of a young man with special needs she is passionate about supporting this population.(LINK RESOURCES PAGE).


Cindy Carroll, MBA provides both life and health coaching services. (LINK ABOUT CINDY PAGE) Her art, writing, trauma training and vast life experience in meeting challenges inform her coaching work. Cindy’s approach is to foster self-awareness, mindfulness and practices that facilitate change and open the client to new possibilities and solutions.  She believes in experimenting with an array of proven methods to find the right combination for each individual. 


Therapy and life coaching approach issues from different angles. In short, psychodynamic psychotherapy is the practice of associating the unhealthy patterns a client is engaging in today with how they first learned these patterns. Coaching helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying beliefs, patterns and obstacles to work with you to devise a custom plan of action to achieve your desired outcomes.


Practitioners often use different lenses to look at a client’s presenting concern and different methods. Sometimes services are especially effective when coordinated. 


Connect with Cindy and Pat by joining one of their events on subjects such as  growth, creativity, overcoming barriers, selfcare and many others. (LINK EVENTS PAGE)



Reach out and connect with Pat or Cindy now to book your compliment phone call. We can begin to talk about what’s going on in your life and how we might be helpful to you. (LINK GETTING STARTED PAGE)



Connect with Pat or Cindy now by texting 512.699.1561 to book your complimentary phone call.

Or email our practice manager, Amie, at amie@austintherapysolutions.com