Pat Sumption, LCSW

About Pat Sumption, LCSW


For 20 years Pat has helped countless people 

  • work through issues including anxiety, depression & trauma
  • build skills to manage difficult relationships
  • enhance existing relationships & establish new, healthier ones
  • find passion in their lives again or for the first time
  • support & process the complex feelings around having a child with special needs

She offers psychotherapy to adults with an emphasis on dealing with childhood trauma and its manifestation of anxiety and depression in adulthood. She has carved out a niche in her practice for serving parents of children with special needs, an often unrecognized mental health need.  Her master’s degree in clinical social work and advanced psychoanalytic training combined with her myriad life experience (LINK TO EXPERIENCE PAGE)  provide the perfect combination to help people cope with the most challenging issues in their lives.

In addition, she is the proud parent of a young man with special needs and is passionate about working parents and families of children with special needs. (LINK TO RESOURCE PAGE)

Pat’s approach is to accompany you on your path as long as she is helpful to you. Your paths cross and together you can traverse the terrain removing barriers as they occur. 

Pat believes in ongoing education and personal work to continue to deliver the deep and lasting work she believes in. Currently she is offering webinars and workshops to broaden the scope of her work to include people beyond her private practice. (LINK TO EVENTS PAGE)

Text Pat at 512.699.1561 now to set up a complimentary introductory call.

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Speaking Engagements

Pat is available to speak to fellow professionals and various groups of parents who have children with special needs. As the mother of a son with special needs, she feels compelled to share her story, while also taking the time to listen to the stories of others.

Pat will share how feelings of grief, fear and sadness are perfectly normal, how those feelings overwhelmed her and her family for many years, and what strategies parents can use to help control and overcome them.


Fees are negotiable and in many cases gratis.

For speaking engagements please fill out the form on our Contact Page.