About Cindy Carroll, MBA

certified coach


About Me

I am a passionate artist, photographer, writer and business owner who has combined her skills and life experience to help others live more fully. My background includes many years working in corporate settings.  Early in life I was imprinted with the idea that creativity must play a secondary role to other studies and then to career goals.  This led to many years of struggle with personal expression, depression and journeys in numbing, addiction, eventually recovery and the discovery of new freedoms.  

I use every bit of my life experience to live my life with passion. 

I am dedicated to helping others find their genuine selves and pursue passion and joy in their lives. 

I believe mindfulness and daily practice are the keys to finding and maintaining happiness – a tenet I live out through my photography, art, meditation and coaching. 


Currently I run a thriving coaching business and mentor adjudicated teen girls who are struggling to find their way. I also partner with Austin Therapy Solutions (ATS)  coaching individuals and presenting webinars and workshops in spiritual direction, creative expression, self-care, lifestyle changes and so much more.



reach out to Cindy now by text at 928.533.2478

email cindy@austintherapysolutions.com


More about Cindy, in no particular order

♦ 20 years retail sales, finance and management

♦ 5 years in low-income and senior housing management

♦ 5 years in therapeutic residential settings for teen girls, adults, and adults with disabilities

♦ Ukeru certified trainer (trauma informed care)

♦ Private pilot’s license

♦ 10 years active member of Toastmasters

♦14 years continuous sobriety

♦ Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

♦ Certified Health Coach

♦ Graduate and facilitator of University of the South School of Theology Education for Ministry program

♦ Master of Business Education from the University of Phoenix

♦ SoulCollage ™ facilitator

♦ Poet/Writer

♦ Glass Artist

♦ Process Artist (scribble pastels)

♦ Studied under Michele Cassou, Creativity Without Limits

♦ Photographer

♦ Have travelled through 48 of 50 states

♦ Westerner (lived all my adult life in CA, AZ, WA, ID, TX)

♦ Army brat – daughter of career army dad


reach out to Cindy now by text at 928.533.2478

email cindy@austintherapysolutions.com