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Are there barriers in your path?

Are they making your journey difficult?

Can’t move forward?

Need solutions?

The path forward is here…

Sounds good, but what do we actually mean? Each of us is on a path whether we can see it clearly or not. Paths can cross, run parallel and diverge. Fellow travelers will join us from time to time: for a short period or a lifetime. Once you reach out to us, we will decide together if it would benefit you for us to travel together for a while.  We can work together using  counseling to move you toward your goals until your way forward is clear and unencumbered.




What do you mean by barriers?

There are many types of barriers. Some are of our own making (internal barriers) and some are put upon us (external barriers). Some have names like depression, anxiety, trauma and other labels. Some are more murky, like you don’t know who you really are or what you’re supposed to do with your life, or how you’re supposed to feel! Some barriers can be removed and some we must learn to accept and figure out how to live with. Here is some good news:



We specialize in breaking through barriers! We specialize in creating supportive, safe spaces to do it. Best of all, we specialize in helping you find the cairns that mark your path forward.


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 cairns are the balancing stones which mark the route across rough ground


How do you do this barrier removal, cairn finding,

in a safe space thing?


 First, it’s about meeting you as a person, not a label. It’s about approaching the work as people who walk their own path, not letters after our names. Yes, we’re therapists but, we’re people first who’ve been on our own paths. We want to spare you the not- so- great tools and strategies we’ve tried and share with you the really effective stuff that works for you! 


 Often we use what we’ve experienced and learned on our own paths. That includes our knowledge of  psychotherapy and counseling. We’ve faced many obstacles, used lots of tools and strategies, found out how to have safe spaces inside us and how to share that with you. We will share those tools and strategies with you. That will enable you to continue toward your destination – being the best version of  you.


What does that mean, 

“be the best version of you”?


You define what the best version of you would look like. It isn’t what “they” think or what “people” think. It’s what you think and want that matters. We can help free you from the “shoulds” that social media tells us we “should” think, be or believe. Most important, it’s about shedding the past, clearing the present and focusing forward. We will help you turn down the static so you can begin to hear your own, authentic voice; maybe for the first time…how amazing would that be?


Tell me more about cairns.

 Aren’t they just rock piles?


Cairns have been around for centuries. You can find the concept in most cultures. They are used for a number of reasons. They let you know which direction to go at a crossroads. They are used to memorialize a person or event.  They represent balance. They let you know you are on the path and not off track. Most important, they let you know you are not alone. Someone has traversed this territory before and is letting you know 

that there is a way forward.


We work from a strengths perspective. You may be seeking to improve your mental health or to relieve discomfort. Regardless of what has brought you here, you come with many strengths, some you may not even know you have. We will help you see them, embrace them and use them to propel you forward. We will join you on your journey and help you find the cairns along the path that point your way. 




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Therapy will teach you new strategies and tools to remove or shift your beliefs about obstacles which hinder you. Therapy use different lenses to evaluate a client’s presenting concerns and different inter-ventions to assist you. They are effective separately or as complementary work. 

In short, psychodynamic therapy is the practice of associating unhealthy patterns you are engaging in today with how you first learned these patterns: To do what?


So, who are you guys?


Pat Sumption, LCSW   opened  Austin Therapy Solutions (ATS) in 2017. Pat provides individual and group therapy. Pat develops and run groups, webinars, workshops and more. Pat cover subjects such as growth, creativity, grief, sadness, stress management, self-care and many others.



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